Songs from SeaWife

by The Lobbyists

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"[T]he Lobbyists have a great sound: acoustic...folkloric...with an edge that bespeaks downtown." - Hudson Valley Almanac

Full article (a feature on SeaWife at Vassar/New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Theater):


released 27 March 2014

Recorded and mixed by Geoff Strasser at Analogue Muse, NYC
January, 2014
Mastered by Greg Heffernan
Produced by Geoff Strasser and Tommy Crawford

Album art and design by Matthew Carlson and Tommy Crawford
Additional drawings by Loren Shaw and Seth Moore
Photography (front insert) by Liz Carlson
Photography (back insert) by Cole Smothers
The Lobbyists Bandcamp Logo design by Matt Culbreth

All songs by The Lobbyists and © The Lobbyists 2014 All Rights Reserved

We are The Lobbyists:

Tommy Crawford: vocals, guitar, accordion
Will Turner: vocals, banjo
Alex Grubbs: vocals, mandolin
Eloïse Eonnet: vocals, percussion, tambourine
Tony Vo: vocals, percussion, cajon

"Farewell to Southampton"
Written by Tommy Crawford
Additional Lyrics by Seth Moore, Eloïse Eonnet, Tony Vo

"Scary Night"
Written by Will Turner

"Sing Me Silence, SeaWife"
Music by Tommy Crawford
Lyrics by Tommy Crawford and Seth Moore

Special thanks to all of our indiegogo supporters.

More special thanks to our families and friends, Liz Carlson, Seth Moore, D W-T, Angela Dumlao, Loren Shaw, Alek Deva, Sarah Wansley, Cole Smothers and Gravity Free Productions, Matt Carlson, Naked Angels, the fellas at Seigel St. (Ethan, Erik, Matt B.), Josh Berkowitz, Becca Bernard, Molly Gilman, The Dragon's Egg and Mystic Paper Beasts in Mystic CT, The Flea Theater



all rights reserved


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The Lobbyists New York, New York

A folk-pop-indie-rock sextet from New York City with lush harmonies that loves to play live.

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Track Name: Farewell to Southampton
I will lead my life as a nomad
I’ll see the flags unfurl
In the winds across this world
And of a boy this ship a man will make

I will leave my life as a young lad
The faces of this land
Like footsteps in the sand
Will disappear but follow in my wake

And it’s farewell to Southampton
I’ll see you on some other shore
It’s farewell my companions
And it’s goodbye Bonnie Jane
I would kiss you in the lane
But the wind is high and the captain calls me o’er

I will seek out the cave where the sun sleeps
I’ll swing from aft to lee
And the salty salty sea
Will rock me as a mom rocks a babe

When the moon is low and the tide is high
I’ll look up at that moon
And wonder if you’re lookin too
And the undertow will carry you my sighs

And it’s farewell to Southampton
I’ll see you on some other shore
It’s farewell my companions
And it’s goodbye Bonny Tim
You could drink me full of gin
So rest thee well and sleep thee till the morn

Summer’s end is harrowing
Days and fields alike are narrowing

Golden light and golden rye
Purple robes draped upon the sky

These are the majestic days
Toward which all other days bend

Geese in the stubble field
Pick at the seeds of summer’s end

Windless bird, plover, on the shore
You really can’t compare
With the seabirds of the air
Circling round the mast above my head

Watch the docks sink below the water
Watch the sinking ships
And the tree tops’ sinking tips
It’s of the blue I’ll make my bride ‘n’ my bed

And it’s farewell to Southampton
I’ll see you on some other shore
It’s farewell my companions
And it’s goodbye Bonnie Jill
I would tumble on the hill
But I’m gone for good so keep thee well the plover
Track Name: Scary Night
Well the old gods are angry over New York City harbor
The sky is a petulant child
And the buildings are shaking with each roll of thunder
And something within me’s gone wild

Isn’t it a scary night? Tonight?
Look inside yourself I’m sure you’ll find a bit of fright
Hiding just out of sight

Well there ain’t no recourse but to throw back some whiskey
And find yourself someone to hold
And you’re looking foxy and I’m feeling frisky
And fortune favors the bold

Well the sky is grey as lead, tonight
And you know I’d feel a little bit of dread
Not sharing a bed
Track Name: Sing Me Silence, SeaWife
Through the ocean she doth swim
In murky brine-like memory
With seaweed draped and floatin
Wrapped in bloody reverie

For down she went to find her peace
The water kind though new to her
And there she sought to take her sleep
But lo, such sadness grew in her

As down rained bones of Azure’s children
Reft of life and starboard flung
This sea gift ta’en but ne’re forgiven

Glory thus is dearly won
As flying close to ocean’s suns

For glory shines as light on earth
From darkness pulled in second birth
Distilled as sprits clear and bold
This candle’s hot from waters cold

Thus devils into angels grow
Cleansed by fire and bloody hack
These beasts with carnage are in foal
With man astride their wooden backs

Sing me silence, my SeaWife
Sing us gently into death
Sing of silence, my SeaWife

And make a home for those bereft
From Neptune’s bones and all that’s left

O buzzard bleak, sing me of death
With harlequin around your neck
They wait upon a maelstrom/male-strewn shore
With smile of ire and beak of gore

So boundless ocean swallow all
My secrets bleak and bloody birth
Devour my sorrows as’s foretold
You will one day eat the earth

Sing me silence, my SeaWife
Sing us gently into death
Sing of silence, my SeaWife

O violent muse with icy breath
You will one day eat the earth